Panasonic PABX

Absent Message Capability
Account Code Entry (Option / Forced / Verified).
Alternate Calling - Ring / Voice
Automatic Callback Busy (Camp-on).
Automatic Configuration for Outside (CO) Line Type
Automatic Fax Transfer
Battery Backup Interface (Built - in)
Built-in Voice Message (BV)*1
Busy Station Signaling (BSS)
Call Barring
Call Forwarding
Busy / No Answer
Caller ID Display on SLT and APT*1 *3
Calling Party Control (CPC) Signal Detection*2
Call Park
Call Pickup
Call Routing for Fixed Line SMS
Call Splitting
Call Transfer
Conference (3-Party / 5 -Party)
Data Line Security
Direct in Line (DIL)
DISA (Direct Inward System Access) with message (3-level,1ch, 180sec)
Emergency Call
Executive Busy Override (Extension / CO Line)
Executive Busy Override Deny
Extension Password / System Password
External Feature Access
Flexible Extension Numbering
Hands free Answerback

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