Telephone Recording System:
Telephone Voice Recording system is a multiple channel digital telephone recording system that uses PC and Recording Card to record telephone conversations, dialed numbers and caller Ids to hard disk.

It helps to make transactions over the telephone and to control the quality of personnel's work, robust design and simple interface for fail-safe but user-friendly day to day operation.
Supports windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003
Can monitor the conversation for every line on the real time and print all the dialed-in, dialed-out and missed calls, support the conditional inquiry and remarks addition
Can record the direct call. Support the simultaneous recording for the direct phone and extension
Consists of the incoming customers management system to recognize the incomers and the pop up screen.
Can smartly setup the starting and finishing time for the recording, may be record for a period of time or a day.Possesses the whole operation logs to record all the operations
Support the privacy operation on some lines for a single subscriber.

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