CCTV is the use of security cameras to transmit video to a recording unit, usually connected to a monitor for viewing.

Security cameras can be used for your home or business as a general deterrent for intruders, to reduce crime, as surveillance for health and safety issues or to provide accepted evidence in the case of litigation. The most common systems used to be analogue systems, however the most popular systems are now High Definition and IP systems. Cameras on this system can be set to record continuously, or only on detection of motion or both. Recordings are stored on an internal hard disk drive on the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or Network Video Recorder (NVR on IP Systems). You can then search back and access footage with a few clicks of a computer mouse, identify important events and save them onto DVD’s or USB drives (memory sticks).

More advanced CCTV systems can work alongside motion sensors to detect intruders, alert a remote monitoring station. All systems now provide the facility to view remotely from a computer or your phone.

Mobile DVR

Mobile digital video recorders allow you to view live footage, store video data, and track vehicles using video management software or a web browser on any remote or local computer over a network. We Offer 3G mobile DVR, 4G mobile DVR in 4 and 8 channels to suit a wide variety of security needs for your vehicle.

Video Guard

SIRA has implemented initiative called ‘Video Guard’, for the central monitoring of security cameras in buildings in case of any problems or dysfunctions. The new system will inform the maintenance company in case of any issues and they can then immediately fix the problem. This program will make sure that all cameras are operating properly and eventually fall part of the city- wide monitoring initiative. The program was implemented in 2018 which serves as an invisible security guard, increasing both public and home security.