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Amtronix Solutions

Established more than a decade ago, Amtronix Solutions LLC is an ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified company specialized in the Installations and Maintenance of CCTV, ANPR, Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Intercom, Time & Attendance, SMA, Public Address, PABX, Structured Cabling. We offer quality services at affordable cost that would suit the needs of our clients and their business.

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Industry and Solutions


Having a home security system installed is a great crime deterrent. It could also help you react proactively should a criminal attempt to break into your home. Most of today’s home security systems provide a mobile app that can be used to monitor your home in real-time. It will also send you an alert if activity is detected. Having immediate notification of an incident will enable you to contact the authorities, sometimes before a crime actually occurs.

CCTV | Audio/Video Intercom | Alarm System | Gate Barrier/Sliding Gates


Office security is one of the most fundamental concerns for businesses, irrespective of their size or industry. Any threat to the office assets or employees results in heavy losses to the businesses; this typically comes in the form of capital expenditure, healthcare and social security.

CCTV | Time Attendance | Alarm System | PABX


The modern warehouse faces a number of safety and operational challenges that place increased scrutiny on your security system each day. In order to meet such challenges, you need a security solution that can give you a constant view of your business, maintain the security your employees desire and meet changing guidelines for business operations.

CCTV | Gate Barrier | Access Control | PABX


In retail, preventing inventory shrinkage and limiting your losses is almost as important as having a great product. Help deter internal and external threats of theft, and help build a better overall retail operation with security solutions for the retail industry. Not only that, but the right security system can help ensure that your employees are living up to your standards of customer service and can contribute to the overall improvement of the retail experience.

CCTV | EAS System | Access Control | Music System | Time & Attendance


School and campus safety has changed drastically in the past few years. In the past, security measures would often consist of an office sign-in sheet and little else. But the modern demands for school safety are calling for advanced security solutions to provide peace of mind to parents and to help protect students and faculty. In order to protect your most critical assets, your people, you need a security solution that can keep an eye on who has access to your campus and when.

CCTV | Access Control | PABX | Public Address System


The guest, who comes to a particular hotel, comes with an understanding that he and his belongings both will be safe and secure during his stay at the hotel. At the same time it is also quite important that the hotel staff and assets are protected and secure. Hence it is very important to have a proper Safety and Security system in place to protect staff, guests and physical resources and assets such as equipment, appliances buildings, gardens of the hotel and also the belongings of the guest. Safety and Security is always the first priority towards guest service.

CCTV | Gate Barrier | PABX | Access Control | SMA TV | Video Guard

Money Exchange

Financial institutions have a strong responsibility to keep their customers’ monetary assets safe at all times. To achieve this, these firms must meet rigorous physical and virtual security requirements.

CCTV | Alarm System | Access Control | Time Attendance | Video Guard


Jewelry stores have always been a soft target for criminals, and are more attracted towards various criminal activities like theft, burglary, and robbery. The reason for this is quite simple, the availability of highly valuable gold, silver, and other items in the store. This is why jewelers have started investing in security measures like alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and more effective solutions like CCTV surveillance service.

CCTV | Alarm System | EAS System | Music System | Video Guard

Shopping Mall

A shopping mall is one of the most crowded hubs where people in large numbers visit on a daily basis for various reasons. Shopping malls have various stores, food court, large parking areas, restrooms, movie theaters, etc. that could be exposed to several criminal activities like theft and vandalism without proper security systems and guards. It is important to ensure the safety of the valuables in the mall stores as well as the workers and daily visitors. There are many different types of security systems that can provide security to the regular flow of inventory, money, and people.

CCTV | People count system | Parking system | Public Address System | Video Guard

Amtronix Solutions LLC

The Team Amtronix believes in building long-term relationship with the clientele who are exhilarated to be with us for their technology requirements.